How we help your business

SurgeCurve takes video from your smartphone and combines it with your website, social media and email, so you can better engage prospects and turn them into paying customers quickly. 

Easy video creation
With absolutely no video experience, you and your team can capture professional videos on your smartphone in seconds, in one secure place.

Instant video promotion
Whether it's published to your website, shared via social media or a personal email, your videos are instantly posted with no coding or dirty work required.

Central management console
We give you all of the control you need to keep a tight grip on your brand. Approve videos before they're public, analytics, lead monitoring and more.

The most powerful relevance factor is an emotional connection. Never underestimate the power of emotion in your relationship with customers. Customers get emotional about acquiring something. Customers are also emotional about the connection they have with the seller.
— Jim Blasingame, The Age of the Customer