Why You Should Use Infographics in Your SEO Strategy

The key to creating a valuable SEO strategy has already been done for you. Our friends at HubSpot and SerpLogic have created a six-step approach to helping business owners like yourself create infographics that convey a clear, digestible message to the viewer. HubSpot says you need to paint your viewer a picture, literally, if you want better SEO and more viewers.

Infographics are visually appealing, but they also condense the information you could read in a paragraph into easy to read bullets. Infographics highlight the important information for a reader and exclude the less important details. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and 40 times more visual content gets shared on social media than any other content. More social media shares means increased target referral traffic for your website.  

HubSpot has done the work for you and broken down the six step model into an infographic to see for yourself how digestible an infographic is. Follow the advice from the pros and watch your follower count grow.

Since HubSpot says readers usually spend only 15 seconds reading the content on a page, we’ll let you get to the good stuff. To see the infographic on how to create great infographics and increase SEO, click here.