Why You Should Implement Video on Your Website

Video marketing sets the stage for more interactions between consumer and brand in a way that doesn’t necessarily feel like marketing. Video is shared more frequently than any other type of media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact,  Entrepreneur.com says users are 39% more likely to share content if it is delivered via video. Many big name companies have already figured this out and have mastered the art of video marketing. We know they’ve mastered it because consumers are buzzing about the products. Consumers have more access and exposure to advertisements than they ever have before. Marketing videos reveal what’s in it for us, which is what really matters to the consumer in a product. Check out these companies who have great marketing campaigns.


In this video found on GoPro’s homepage, founder Nick Woodman is able to tell the story behind the product aside from using text. He is able to explain the evolution of the product in an interesting, visual way that captures the viewer's attention. This video provides an explanation of features, actual demonstration of the product being used, and also upselling additional accessories and products in an innovative way. The entirety of  video footage is shot with the product they are selling which makes this video so much more valuable.


The Sony Corporation has taken video messaging to the next level by creating a unique homepage with almost no text but made up completely of videos and images of their products. Since Sony is a brand with an abundance of products to offer their customers, instead of reading about them they chose to demonstrate them instead.

Image Source: Sony.com

Image Source: Sony.com

Image Source: Sony.com

Image Source: Sony.com


Sevenly, a charitable clothing company that focuses its efforts on giving back has used video to remind their customers of why they are customers. By showing the customer images of people and charities they have directly helped creates the emotional connection and renews purpose the brand is seeking to create. Sevenly explains how they give back by donating $7 from every purchase and not just saying they give back. This allows the customer to feel important and feel like they are actively making a change in someone else’s life.

Paper by 53

Paper is an app that is a breakthrough for taking notes down, creating projects or making lists on your mobile device with ease. Their product video demonstrates the ease of their product without having to narrate how to use it. This is significant in that it allows the viewer to watch in real time how the product can simplify an already simple task. The video demonstrates how useful it is to be productive even when we’re on the go, a selling point of the product. By demonstrating how easy it is gives them brand credibility.


By focusing less on their product and more on their mission, Dove has been successful in creating emotional viral videos that have helped them remain at the top of the market. Dove has multiple campaigns that  focus on reminding people of their beauty. For many of these videos, not a single product is shown or promoted yet the brand continues to be a household name. Dove puts their mission ahead of everything they stand for and this has created a loyal following.

The common theme these product videos all share is that they are utilizing video to showcase the full potential of the product and the meaning of the brand. Instead of listing the features, they are giving you the chance to experience them. Video gives you the opportunity to see why these products are important to the brand, and why they should be important to you. They share their mission and values with the viewer to create the emotional experience a consumer is looking for.

So why should you jump on the video marketing train? Having a video embedded on your page increases your SEO and gives you a bigger opportunity to share the importance of your brand. You should be taking any opportunity you can get to share what you have to offer so go ahead, try it out and let the videos do the work.