7 Ways to Improve Your Business with Video

As a marketing manager, you already know there are several strategies to help you succeed in gaining your prospects attention. Being a smart marketing manager on the other hand means you are constantly identifying new strategies to differentiate from the competition that will u reach, earn, and ultimately retain customers better than your previous efforts.

We are living in a time where we crave meaningful relationships when doing business. If you look at basic human nature, the most effective way in creating that meaningful relationship is through face-to-face meetings, but the problem is people are busier than ever and it is difficult to get in front of your prospect. This is where the power of video comes in because it helps you and your employees create those meaningful relationships with prospects by allowing you the next best thing to in-person meetings.

As humans, we are constantly seeking emotional connection, and personalization. These factors add a perceived value far beyond the transaction. It’s a relationship with someone they know that values them as a person and they can trust..

The following 7 ways are a guide to help you create simple videos that will draw more attention and engagement from customers:

1. Attract customers
Clearly stating your business model, your value proposition, and exactly what your product is all about will allow them to determine for themselves if your product is for them. Be clear and ensure the customer isn’t wasting their time by trying to figure out if this is exactly what they’re looking for. On the other hand, having a clear message will also attract those customers that are looking for what you’re presenting to them. Visit Answer1 to read more about the benefits of having a clear marketing message.

2. Showcase your product
Users love to see things in action, so having live demos and mock-ups will up your game in the industry. Demonstrating your product will stimulate interest, convey ownership, provide proof, and combat concerns. Chron.com says that demonstrating your product is the best way to get prospects interested.

3. Showcasing your staff
You hired your employees for a reason, now here’s your chance to showcase them. Video employees put a genuine face to the brand, and according to VidYard, audiences better respond to sincerity, so employee videos will engage more viewers.

4. Recruiting new staff
Shooting videos to recruit staff is more popular than you think. Big name companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Humana, and Shopify have nailed the art of the recruitment video. Attention spans are getting shorter, so a one and a half minute video is the perfect length to get potential employees on board. Take a look at the videos we mentioned on recruiterbox.

5. Educating your viewers
Educating your viewers on how to use your product will ensure they are getting the best use of it. By using video to demonstrate the product, your customer is able to see it happening and execute what they see. The great thing is, if they don’t get it the first time, the video is always there for them to watch again.

6. Customer testimonial
Customers love feeling like they are important, and what better way to show them they are important by asking them to be a featured testimonial video on your website. Testimonials build trust and credibility and contribute to future purchase decisions. According to a study by OTX, 78% of Americans report that online reviews help them decide whether they will purchase a product.

Image source: Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

Image source: Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange

7. Building a sense of community
The best part about video is that you can be several places at one time. People in different cities, states, and countries can view your videos and feel like they are in your network without having to be there. This builds a sense of community within your business for consumers and employees. Video provides the perfect opportunity to create a real time, up to date connectedness for your followers.