Your Guide to Marketing During the Holidays

Ahh the Holidays. It’s that time of year again when we must start planning ahead for the added stress the holiday season brings with it. Your friends at SurgeCurve are always looking out for you so we’re here to help get you beat the holiday blues and move the needle on sales, create higher ROI on your campaigns, and create more conversations with ease.

Create To-Do Lists

Creating a weekly (or even daily) to-do list can eliminate stress by allowing you to create your own tangible goals of what you need to get done. You can add as many or as few items to your list but only you know what needs to be done. Everyone enjoys the satisfaction they feel by being able to check off completed items, and incomplete items are just a reminder that you need to keep going.

Who says lists need to be pen and paper anymore? There are plenty of apps like Paper and Pencil, Do, and Wunderlist to name a few. These apps will keep you up to date on all your important goals and you won’t miss a beat during the bustle of the holidays.

Schedule Your Posts

Lessen the pressure to get everything done all at once by scheduling your social media posts in advance. Hootsuite is an awesome tool for saving time and being efficient by letting you create and schedule your posts from one dashboard. Hootsuite also has ROI social measurement tools, brand protection management, and team management capability to best suite your business needs.  Here’s what the Hootsuite dashboard looks like:


Facebook Live

Facebook Live is taking the world by storm and knocking all other forms of social sharing off the chart. Hubspot says It is ranking higher on news feeds than non-video content and if you’re not already doing it, you should certainly start.

Not only does Facebook Live give you the opportunity to feature raw, natural footage of what you and your team are working on, it gives your followers a chance to engage with you. Building these relationships is made easy with the FB Live platform by allowing you to see who’s watching. You can then reach out to your viewers and create more conversations. Check out our Facebook Live video: 


Utilize the FB Live trend by spicing up your feeds with holiday-related activities. Go live during your holiday parties, or show them around the freshly decorated office. Remind your viewers that you’re not just robots at a desk, but you too enjoy a little holiday fun!

Offer Discounts and Deals

The holidays are synonymous with spending copious amounts of money, so what better way to get potential customers on your side by offering them a deal they can’t pass up. We want to help people out, especially around the holidays. Show prospects your benevolent side this holiday season and offer up a discount on your products or services while also minding the bottom line.

Advertising giveaways and contests on your social channels is also an effective way of engaging new customers. 7/10 social media users have ever participated in a giveaway or contest and 34% of new fans are acquired by a contest or drawing, according to this infographic by HubSpots Pamela Vaughan.

Offer up a few scratch off tickets, a holiday themed gift basket, or a small discount on a set-up fee. Anything you can offer to help get your social media followers sharing means your brand is getting shared too.

Provide Free Content

In following with themes of benevolence, free content and access to free resources are always welcome by your followers and current customers. Why are you reading this blog right now? Because it offers you a bit of advice…and it’s free. Offering free content will help you build a following by proving you don’t need to make money to share your wealth of knowledge. The free content you offer can backup the content you post on blog posts, showing them you really know about what you’re putting out there.

Create a notice-worthy email template, or an attractive calendar print out and share it to your followers. Provide a link to something interesting you read and think your followers might appreciate too. Sharing knowledge is priceless, so amp up the competition by creating a reputation for doing it.

Check out this guide on how to do free content the right way.


Yes, we know. Everyone hates meetings, but they don’t have to. Holidays should be a time to boost your employees morale and create a warm work environment. There is no better opportunity to do this than by having fun, short meetings that serve a purpose.

Create holiday themed meetings that your employees actually look forward to attending. Remind them why they want to work for you by showing them you’re not just a Scrooge and provide them with a catered lunch or small presents, all while sticking to your agenda. During these meetings, set goals and create incentives. This will keep your teams cohesive during the busiest time of the year and the boost in positive attitudes will help your team be more productive.

These tips and tricks might not help you figure out what to gift your in-laws this year, but we hope it helps you think about stepping up your marketing game this holiday season.