How to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach by this Proven Method

The declining Facebook organic reach of pages has become a nightmare to business owners and sales managers.

The organic reach of an average page has fallen to 6%, a drop of 49% since October 2013 according to Ogilvy.

There are two big factors seen by experts on why Facebook limits organic reach.

First, Facebook needs to make money.

They make more money from businesses with poor page reach. Business pages will spend more on promoting posts through Facebook ads to increase their reach.

Interestingly, Jay Baer noted that Facebook organic reach plummets as its stock price rises.

It is expected that organic reach for business pages will continue to drop because Facebook is a public company that has financial responsibilities to their shareholders.

Second, Facebook wants to give its subscribers a good user experience.

It changes its algorithm once in a while to make sure overcrowding of content on news feed won’t happen. There are over 18 million business pages competing every second for the newsfeed space.

Facebook makes sure that every user will receive the right amount of new content in their feeds.

Feeding too much content, users can miss the important things. Feeding too little content, users will have less reason to use Facebook again.

Identifying these challenges would not mean you should give up your Facebook campaigns to increase organic reach.

There are ways you can do to improve your organic reach. But let’s focus on the simplest yet very practical method --- encouraging more interaction on your posts.

When you increase the amount of engagement on your posts, you’ll increase your reach.

Ideally, you would want to increase engagement on all of your posts. But even if it’s just a few posts, your organic reach will be impacted.

There are 3 ways you can do this effectively.

1. Ask the Right Questions

People don’t engage because they think their voices don’t matter. So how do you make them feel they matter? Ask questions.

Let them know that you care about them. Show that you care by asking them for their opinions.

You have to think about this, though. It’s not only asking any questions but asking the right ones.

Don’t ask general questions like: “What’s the best app for smartphones?”

This type of question is not so personal. Instead, you can ask this question: “What’s your favorite app for your smartphone?”

Here’s a tip when asking the right questions---remember to always include words you or your.

Include it when asking questions to make it more personalized and to let your readers know that you care about what they are thinking.

2. Respond to Comments

It’s crazy to know that many business owners and sales manager are working hard to produce good content and build a following on social media.

And when they get a comment on their post, they don’t even bother to respond to the comment.

We know that you’re busy, so is the rest of the world. Find time to respond to your audience. Give it time.

Your responses may not be a lengthy, jargon-infested, and level 10 encrypted one. A simple, “Thanks, Bob!” would work.

3. Fill in the ________

Yes, that’s a blank.

Instead of asking specific questions to your fans, let them fill in the blank.

For example, you could post: This New Year, I will start to _____________.

Fill-in-the-blanks posts that are Holiday-themed are often performing best because of the strong emotion associated with holidays.

Never be afraid to be creative with your post to encourage engagement.

In conclusion,

Encouraging more interactions on your posts allows you to connect deeply with your audience and to give Facebook reasons to show your post on newsfeed more often.

Try these out and let us know your results!