How to Increase Sales by Humanizing Your Brand

Using social media to promote products or services is not only popular but an essential in digital marketing.

Your social media personality and your relationship with your audience are playing a big role in encouraging them to buy your products and services.

Almost every brand in the world has presence on social media, and consumers are growing tired of being advertised to. If you want to earn the attention and interest of your audience, get their trust.

It is very challenging to build trust on social media, just like in the real life. It’s neither fast nor easy.

Social media marketing ad spending will reach $35.98 Billion by 2017, representing 16.0% of all digital ad spending globally. That is a 33.5% increase from 2014.

Why has social media become so important to businesses that they would even put a lot of their effort and money on it?

The answer is neither because businesses will have more reach in social networks nor social media is the top internet activity.

Social media gives a brand its personality. It humanizes the brand.

Social media has become a customer experience channel. More brands now recognize that social media is not an isolated channel used for selling their product or service. Social media now serves as a meeting place with their target consumers.

The presence of your brand in social media serves as a venue to listen or to engage with your audience.

Your brand will not only develop a digital blueprint in social media but its digital personality as well.

It is the personification of your brand that acts as the human interface between your brand and your target consumers.

For someone who is following your brand on social media, your brand is human. They expect social exchanges with the entity to be as normal as possible.

What’s Your Brand Personality?

Establishing your profile persona is the first step when creating your brand’s social media personality. The concept here is to find out a personality trait and go with it.

Build the character that you want your brand to be remembered. Focus on the traits that will help you create a unique brand identity.

More Socializing, Less Selling

Every time you engage with your audience, connect as a real person and think of them as your friends.

When you start thinking about them as consumers, your social media presence will become an extension of your sales and marketing activities. You will naturally offer them your products or services.

Consider having an objective of building a long lasting relationship with your audience, not marketing your products or services next time you share your content.

Become a Social Media Influencer

You need to define how you can build brand influence in social media. When becoming an influencer, you don’t think as a brand but as a real person.

Focus on building a reputation first before you create your social media presence. You can participate and contribute in conferences or seminars that will set for some solid reputation building.

Decide on which social networks will help you create influence among your target audience. Facebook and Twitter can be your option when targeting consumers.

Set-up your business profile, enter all the details about your brand and use catchy and beautifully designed visuals. Your profile establishes your social persona and it is a very important aspect of your social media identity.

Share useful, user-driven content consistently across your social media networks. You can share curated content from third party content if you can’t come up with new ones.

Care about what you share with your fans. Do it constantly to keep your efforts building your brand’s reputation.

Give your opinion and take a stand. But never impose an opinion on an audience. Always back it with facts.

In conclusion,

Establish a personal connection with your target customers in social media. Use this connection to kick start your branding efforts.

Potential consumers will convert into paying customers if they see that your brand cares about them. You can nurture that belief by developing your relationships with them on social media. This solidifies trust in your brand, influencing them to do business with it.