How to Generate Business and Monetize Your Smartphone

How many times have you been seated next someone in a public setting that’s on FaceTime, Snapchat, or taking a picture of their food to post on Instagram?  We’re all guilty of doing it with our current friend networks, so why not monetize it from a business standpoint? Let’s be real, we all like making money, so we're going to show you how to combine the two and generate more business.

Some of us remember when having separate webcam hardware was necessary. You then had to hook up the (extremely low definition) web camera up with the CD-ROM that came with it, install the software so that the hardware was compatible with your computer, and open a separate program that corresponded to the webcam. After all that, now you’re ready to take a simple picture. If you’re reading this and you never had to do this, consider yourself lucky.

The cool news here is that we all have smartphones and taking a video from your iPhone or Android is extremely simple. Aim, click, record. Most smartphones these days have front facing HD cameras that allow for convenient selfie capability (heck, iPhone even has a category folder for all of your selfies).  We see people ranging in age from toddlers all the way up to grandparents using video technology.

So when does the making money part happen? According to HubSpot, 71% of people are more likely to purchase based on a social media referral...So all you have to do is fire up your existing networks start doing the following:

  1. Shoot exciting content when you’re on the job. You can use Facebook live, Instagram, Twitter, or simply share the video via email…These videos can be customer testimonials, company culture, personal bio, etc… Or whatever your little heart desires. Make sure to keep it less than about 30 seconds to start because people have short attentions spans and they're busy doing a million other things.

  2. Share the content around to other social channels and or via email. For example, if you make a post on instagram, make sure to share it on Facebook. It will ensure that more people will see it.

  3. Engage people who engage you. If you produce content that people think is exciting or interesting, they will comment. The more comments the better. Just how you would interact with people in public, do the same online.

The biggest misconception with social media is that you have to do something spectacular or crazy to get people to notice your brand. In reality, just don’t be annoying by posting all the time and pay attention to what people are talking about online. Generally speaking, people want to see you succeed, but you have to post engaging and exciting material to capture their attention. What are common questions your customers or friends ask you? Just answer them! You’d be surprised how many people you could reach with a little post. Plus, don’t be afraid to establish some more social connections with so prospects and customers so they can see all of this great activity.

Rule of thumb when posting: you don’t want to drown people with information so start by posting once or twice a week...MAX.

Owning, managing, or starting a business isn’t easy, so take the tools that you already have and run with them.  Working with the knowledge that you have about the technology that you already own is a great way to be productive and increase business traffic.