The Best Times to Post to Social Media

As social media platforms are constantly evolving and adding new features, you as a user are continuously working to stay relevant. Take Instagram for instance. They recently added the feature “story,” similar to Snapchat where users can select and share featured posts for their followers to view. Utilizing these features not only helps your business, but is required to stay relevant with your audience.

Keeping up with new features and enhancements is just as important as keeping up with the social media platform itself. Knowing how and when to use social media is one way to increase business. Maximizing the benefits is a surefire way of increasing your page views, according to Plus, being able to execute on both proper timing and engaging content guarantees a social marketing plan that will result in success.

Let’s talk about proper timing. We pulled up a quick Pinterest search by searching “best times social media.” Thousands of results were generated and if you’re trying to compete in that space, timing could be the differentiator to help you appear before the competition.

Like every business out there, you want your name or your brand to be seen as much as possible, and the only way to do this is to follow the “science” of social media and strategically post during times of high volume. Once your post is public, it essentially does all the work for you. Sharing things during the best times to post on any given social platform will boost the visibility of your posts to potential clients.

Next, let’s talk about content. Posting at the right time is definitely a great start, but don't get distracted by the fact that  the key to improving your SEO is having creative, sexy, and useful content to share with your customer that they find valuable. Think of content like milk, there are a ton of varieties that are available. Now, think of timing as chocolate...You don’t need it in your milk, but it is really good when you put it in. Use your newfound knowledge of social media science to your advantage and gain an edge on the competition. Knowledge is power and even having just a slight advantage in today’s marketplace helps.

The following infographic breaks down frequency, best times, times to avoid, what to post, and even some tips to help you along the way.  Thanks to for breaking it down for us. 

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