Stop Telling Yourself Your Small Business Lacks Marketing Resources

One of the largest complaints I hear from small businesses in regards to their marketing is, they don’t have the proper resources to do it.

Well, let me first ask you, what do you define as “proper resources?” If you think that proper resources include a full-time, in-house marketing person, you might be right. You don’t have the time or money to train and pay that person. Let me give you an example. I used to consult with an IT company that has been around for over 20 years. In their mind, in order to get the job done, they needed a full time, in-house marketing person. They would constantly complain that this person was very expensive and not producing the results they wanted.

First, this is old school thinking. Get yourself into the 21st century. Second, they had no clear definition of “results”. Marketing people are in marketing for a reason. They did not want to go into sales. You’re being unrealistic if you expect marketers to single handedly close a certain amount of deals a month. Third, the CEO of this company was not a marketing professional... Therefore I could not figure out how does he expected a mid-level marketing person with a few years of experience to produce like a rock star under his watch? Finally, do you know what you could do for $50,000 a year if you were to sub that kind of work out to the best marketing professionals out there? It would be amazing.

Let’s break it down and start small...

1) If you’re reading this article right now, I’m assuming that you have a smartphone. If not, your business’s problems are a whole lot larger than I can handle. Now that we’ve established you own a smartphone, there is a great chance it has an HD camera on that phone if you’ve purchased it within the last 3 years. With an HD camera you can start doing tons of things by yourself right this minute like:

· Introduce yourself and explain what your company does
· Walk around the office and ask employees to introduce themselves
· Film a client testimonial if you have any face-to-face meetings today
· Take pictures of employee’s working in your office and write a description of how they make your customer’s life easier
· Film employees enjoying your company’s culture
· Film a quick training video on your product or service
· Film a quick video explaining the largest problem your customers face

I’m talking about you sitting in your office or walking around and taking these videos. These are personal and intimate. Keep the camera horizontal, sturdy and make sure you’re in a well lit area. No re-inventing the wheel here ladies and gentleman. Remember, you’re dealing with humans and people do business with people who they like and trust. Let your personality shine!

2) You’re never going to find the perfect social media platform. We live in a world of constant change and each form of social media has a unique impact on your business. I always recommend to clients, just starting with one. If you are B2B, start with Facebook or Linkedin. If you’re B2C, start with Facebook, Instagram or snapchat. I hate to say it, but Twitter is ehhhhhh and Google + is really ehhhhhh. Pick one and go with it. You’re following will grow if you post personalized, engaging material like I discussed earlier. Plus, make sure to create an open communication between your prospects and customers. If someone engages you, engage them. We live in a world where everything is a two way street.

3) Have you ever heard of UpWork or Fiverr? If you havn’t, your life is about to be revolutionized. These are easy to use platforms where you can find freelancers all across the world that will write blogs for about $25 apiece...And those are the good ones. All you need to do is post a job description and people start bidding. You can look at applicants references, previous work, etc.. to find the perfect person. There are literally no strings attached and your money is 100% protected. You can also get people to produce brochures, cards, banners and any other marketing material you need. To learn how to properly post jobs on these sites, take a look at this cool article that I regularly reference:

So there you have it, start small. Just get out there and do something. Most companies get paralysis by analysis and think their marketing has to be perfect. For instance, look at this blog. It isn't perfect, but it’s something and I hope you learned from it.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day,
Matt, Founder