Get noticed. Get known. Get sales.

You don’t want your people on the computer all day making videos. So SurgeCurve makes the whole process instant, easily managed, and so simple you don’t need a developer. Team members take a video on their phone and it automatically uploads it to your website and shares it with their contacts. Seconds later, you have a living, breathing website ready to draw customers in. Website visitors are 64% more likely to make a purchase after they’ve watched a video.

SurgeCurve Landing Page

SurgeCurve: Increase conversion on your website


Conversions needed? Then conversions you shall have. 

There’s over a billion websites out there. So a competitive edge is necessary. Customers exposed to video are 437% more likely to engage with that brand--a substantial number. A cutting-edge video model such as SurgeCurve is, therefore, a substantial differentiator.

Think of it as "Are you kidding me?" easy.

We take something that’s supposed to be easy and actually make it easy. Doesn’t matter one’s level of tech savvy. Our user-(very)friendly platform allows any team member to take a video, post it and promote themselves in seconds. Whether they’re 65 years old or 20 years old, they’ll still be able to use SurgeCurve effectively.

SurgeCurve: Super easy for everyone in your company to use video

SurgeCurve: Use video for business anywhere with our mobile app


Wherever. Whenever.

Having SurgeCurve means content can be created and uploaded from anywhere at any time. It’s both managed and accessed through mobile technology, so it’s never out of anyone’s reach.

SurgeCurve Features. Custom landing page. Video profiles. Call Scheduling. IOS mobile app. Rating System. Video feed.

SurgeCurve use cases. Meet the team page. Company wide updates. customer testimonials. product/service showcase. client on boarding. Hiring. Aggregated content.

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