Features and Benefits

Remarkably easy and rich with capability

A better solution

Stop making video a complicated process. Our simplified end-to-end solution allows all of your team members to easily create video through their mobile phones, share it to the right people and store it in one centralized cloud solution...in the click of a button. Your previously fragmented approach is now managed and organized in one place so there's no more coding, uploading, downloading, losing videos, taking up too much space, etc...

SurgeCurve a better first impression

SurgeCurve Capture peoples emotions

Capture people's emotions

Every video is equipped with a lead form, so right after you capture someone's emotions, they can instantly interact and connect with you. That same person can also share your video to their social networks. It's time to turn your employees and customers into walking billboards and lead generation machines.

Measurable results

In any successful marketing campaign, you need to know what is and isn't working. With SurgeCurve, you can easily track your performance through our analytics to ensure you are creating relevant video that sells. Plus, you can monitor all of your leads in one location to compare employee content and clearly identify what's most effective. 

SurgeCurve Measurable Results

SurgeCurve Powerful video controls

Powerful video controls

With our centralized management portal, you have all of the control you need to keep a tight grip on your brand. Easily add or delete users, manage permissions, approve or deny videos, send videos to different pages of your website, customize your look and more. 

Anywhere. Anytime.

With fully native apps for iOS and Android, whatever you create on one device will play perfectly on another. All video is in sync and plays from the cloud so nothing is ever too large to send or in the wrong format. 

SurgeCurve Cloud. Works anywhere.

The stats to back it.

SurgeCurve video marketing statistics


Everything you need to turn website visitors into paying customers. 

SurgeCurve Video Profiles

Video profiles
Whether it’s a team member, product or service, a video profile provides the most effective and attractive showcase, drawing the customers in.

SurgeCurve Video SEO

Video SEO
Automatically optimize the videos on your site for search engines. We’ll inject metadata into all of your videos to keep that traffic coming.

SurgeCurve Video Call Scheduling

Call scheduling
Turn that video view into a paying customer by allowing them to schedule a call right then and there.

SurgeCurve Video push + email notifications

Get notified via the mobile app and email when a new lead is generated.

SurgeCurve Video Newsfeed

Video feed
Easily send an unlimited amount of videos to prospects and customers to quickly convert new business and nurture existing.

SurgeCurve Video Website Embed Code

Create groups of teammates and assign them to your different business lines so they are always at the right place at the right time.

SurgeCurve Video Insights

Website embed
Grab visitors attention with your videos on any or every page of your website.

SurgeCurve Video Team Management

Get the story behind each user and determine what videos are bringing in the most business.

SurgeCurve Video Social and Email Sharing

Social + email sharing
Tap into employee and customers networks by allowing them to broadcast their video to their social network or share them 1-on-1 via email.

SurgeCurve Video iOS + Andriod App

iOS & Android apps
A user can capture, publish and promote their video from anywhere at anytime through the mobile app. In seconds. No times goes to waste.

SurgeCurve video hosting for business

Video hosting
We host all of your videos in one managed location so you have complete control. 

SurgeCurve Video Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard
Easily add or delete users, approve or deny videos for your website, review leads, add locations and stay on top of your video marketing. Video management has never been so simple.

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Banking and Financial

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Technology and Startups 


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Too many more to list...


How does my company sign up?

Your company can sign up by simply clicking the "Contact Us or Request Demo" button at the top or bottom of this page!

Can I get a product demo?

You sure can! Just fill out the schedule demo form.

Can I sign up as an individual?

You sure can!

How much does the product cost?

We do custom pricing according to your needs.

Can I use the product on an iOS and Andriod device?

Yup! our native mobile app is available on both

Will you help my team make videos?

Yup! We can either show you how to make your own (which seems to be a fan favorite) or create them for you.

Refund Policy

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. There are no cancellation fees.

How do I make a video with no experience?

To make a video, please call us. We'll help you out in just a few minutes.

How do I keep my team members from creating content I don’t like?

You have to approve all video content that goes to your website before it is made public. Plus, you can delete any video at anytime.